Thursday, 16 April 2015


With camping at an end, we settled into a small apartment on the outskirts of Auckland.  We didn't realize that we were as travel weary as we were until we stopped.  We therefore spent our first two days, both of which were rainy, indoors.  Our apartment has a magnificent view and we just soaked it in.  We explored a very little bit in the immediate area and went to a movie just down the road.  We overlook, and have access to Arkles Bay, a lovely quiet beach.  We can also see Auckland off in the distance.  We visited the local pawn shop and got rid of our extra camping gear; as well we cleaned and packed away all of our we are ready to go when the time comes.

We surfaced after a couple of days and went to visit Murwai Beach, home of a huge Gannet colony.  It was incredible with the Gannets soaring above our heads as we looked out over huge waves crashing onto the 60km long black sand beach.  I got some great pictures, which mysteriously disappeared from my mini sd card, along with all my other pictures!  I am very sad to have lost them...but glad to have blogged up till now.

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