Sunday, 19 April 2015

Taking kite flying the next step

We have extra time on our hands as we have stopped our touring adventure early, so we looked for activities to fill our time.  We have long loved flying kites and we had learned about kite surfing from one of our Air BnB decided to take some kite surfing lessons.  The area is perfect for learning, or so we are told by the experts, and we were able to sign up with a local school.

Lesson one was humbling for us, as our "expertise" in kite flying proved to be less than enough for this demanding sport.  In fact, many of the techniques we use on land are not effective for kite surfing and have to be unlearned.  To begin with, we have to struggle into wet suits...not attractive at all but essential at this time of year.  The effort of getting into wet suits nearly had me done in before we even started.  When these huge kites, which are connected to one via a harness, catch the wind we come right off our feet, and spend a lot of time spluttering as we pick ourselves out of the waves after a face-plant.   At the end of our second lesson, we were able to launch the kite and to fly it for a few seconds...which we are assured is great progress.  Paul was able to get the kite to drag him through the waves a bit, which is impressive indeed.  We finished the second lesson with our egos somewhat intact as well as our all is good.  The area where we are learning is lovely as well, Shakespear Regional Park which is very picturesque.

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