Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wenderholm Regional Park

As our last days in New Zealand are upon us we are busy with our final preparations for departure.  The ordinary chores of travelling life are taking up our time, doing laundry, reviewing our travel documents, making decisions about what will come with us and what will remain behind to name just a few.  We spent some hours at this task and then later in the day we took a short trip to a park not far from where we are staying. 

When we arrived we decided to take a short walk to a lookout over the coast.  To our delight we found that the walkway made its way through an old Kauri forest.  Thanks to the education in native birds that we had been exposed to on the island sanctuary the day before we were able to identify the songs of the birds in the branches above our heads.  We saw the Tui and the Forest Pigeon and heard others which were hidden in the trees.  The Kauri trees were huge and the regenerating forest was think under them.  When we reached the lookout we had the additional treat of seeing orca whales in the ocean below us.

We rounded out the day with a visit to Cauldrey House, an historic building on the grounds.

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