Sunday, 12 April 2015

Change in Plans

Our night was wonderfully peaceful.  The high winds we hadcexperienced on the Cape were stirring the trees high above our tent, but we were sheltered and the tent didn't move all night.   Nevertheless, when we got up we discovered that one of our poles that had been weakened in Cyclone Pam had given up the ghost.  This meant that two of our three poles were no longer up to par.  We were forced to change our plans to camp for another week and so decided to find a place to stay nearer to Auckland.   We spent some time on the internet and found an Air B and B for a week. 

We left our lovely and tranquil camp site, and took one last look at ninety mile beach (in the sun for the first time)  and were on our way Southward.  The trip started off slowly as we had to share the road with the Tour of New Zealand bicycle race.  The narrow curving roads are already quite nerve wracking, but adding bikers in packs, together with their pace cars made for extra stress as we made our way to our next destination.

We followed the state highway and were surprised to discover that the route included a car ferry.  It gave us an opportunity to see more beautiful views. 

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