Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mount Eden

Thanks to a very friendly cab driver, we made it to the top of Mount Eden.  This is the highest point in Auckland at 196 meters and gives 360 degree views of the city.  It was really marvelous to see the city against the backdrop of the bays and the ocean which are throughout the region.  Mount Eden itself is also very interesting as there is a huge crater in its middle, attesting to the volcanic nature of the area.  We strolled around and enjoyed the vista and marvelled at the depth of the crater and then walked down the paths to the streets below. 

We found the local commuter train to take us back into the heart of the downtown area...our first foray on this type of public transportation, and then walked through the Wynyard Quarter.  This area is an old industrial area of the port which is being reinvented as a restaurant and condo area.  It harbours many very large and extravigant yachts and racing boats, for whch New Zealand is famous.  It was a lovely spot to stop and see the sunset as the day drew to a close.

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