Monday, 6 April 2015

Leaving Coromandel

We were on the road again the next day, and it is appropriate I think to say a couple of words about the roads.  I have commented a few times that they are twisty and often narrow, but words are really insufficient.  They are constructed this way by necessity as they follow the coast or climb through the mountains.  We had read many travel books which had advised to expect slow travel by car, but we really had no idea!  Some stretches of road that have a 100 k/h speed limit are impossible to negotiate at more than 40 km.  This means that a 150 km trip can take many hours. 

We have travelled many kilometers so far and at the beginning we were fascinated by the twists and turns...and now we celebrate the straight-aways!  This all adds to the wonderful charm of the country and forces one to slow down and enjoy the journey!!

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