Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Kona Coast

We arrived on The Big Island of Hawaii and were quickly installed in our apartment near Kona.  We decided to relax a bit for the first couple of days...just to get the cobwebs out of our heads after a long flight.  We also had to get groceries as we had to leave everything behind when we left NZ.  Our apartment is in a very quiet part of the island and is surrounded by gardens with beautiful tropical flowers which are very fragrent and colourful.

Kona is a smallish place so exploring did not take long.  The beaches are quite different from other islands, small and quite rocky.  The ocean is a bit rough as well because the coast is exposed to the uninterrupted swells of great distance.  The main water activity is snorkeling...which we did on day three.  We saw many beautiful fish, although I didn't stay in long as I found it a bit rough.  We will try again at a different beach on a different day.

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