Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Shakespear Regional Park

After a quiet morning we decided to take a hike in the local park.  Shakespear Park is equipped with specially designed fences and gates to keep predators away from native bird species.  It is also a beautiful location with views of various islands in the area, as well as downtown Auckland.  It has a number of walks and we chose one which wended its way through pasture land and led to the coast.  As the tide was low, we were able to navigate around the headland over the sea bottom which is usually underwater.  We saw beautiful and different rock formations, interesting cliffs as well as the beautiful ocean vistas. 

The overall walk was 6 kms and we made it back to our starting point after a few hours of tramping.  At this point there was an interesting frame for picture taking opportunities.  We also stopped at a beach where we saw very interesting trees that have grown in very unusual ways from the bank onto the beach itself.

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