Sunday, 12 April 2015

Goat Island Marine Reserve

After being fortified by coffee, it was off to the Goat Island Marine Reserve.  Throughout our travels, we had wanted to go snorkelling, but water temperatures and other circumstances had conspired against us to date.  In this marine reserve we were able to rent wet suits and snorkelling equipment right on the beach and were able, at last to see some of the marine life.  The water was cold, and the day overcast.  Winds experienced in the past couple of days had served to reduce the water visibility, which made the experience a little less exciting.  That said, we were able to see several types of fish, including a number of large snapper who swam beside us most of the time. 

After about an hour, we were getting cold and so we called it quits.  We will reserve future snorkelling for the more tropical waters of Hawaii at the end of our trip.

We had a picnic lunch by the bay and realized that there was a colony of cormorants nesting within easy seeing distance, which was a treat as well.

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