Friday, 10 April 2015

Ninety-mile Beach

Our next desination was the Far, Far North-a penninsula that extents northward from the main island.  It is typically the warmest part of the  country and as fall is fully upon us, we decided to chase the sun for a few more days.  After a drive from the East side of the northern penninsula to the west we found our new home, a campground in Ahiawa.  This marks the beginning of ninety-mile beach, a great expansive beach that continues up the coast, not for ninety miles, but for 68!  It is impressive, with uninterrupted surf pounding along its full length.  It is a surfers dream!   It is banked with huge sand dunes that continue up the coast seemingly forever! It is also a road, for those who dare to face the quicksand and rising tides. 

Our campsite was a few minutes walk from this beach, and on our second night we were treated to a magnificent sunset!

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