Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Youth Hostel

We arrived in Dunedin in the late afternoon.  After several days in sparsely populated areas, it was a surprise to see such a large city, with a large port and busy streets.  It being a Sunday, few things were open so we made our way directly to the youth hostel we had booked.  It is a lovely old home and we had a sperate room...and shared washrooms.  It was very comfortable.  We met a couple from Abittibi-what a coincidence!  They knew the area where are cottage is situated...so we had a long chat with them while we prepared our meals in shared kitchen facilities.  They are on a six month exploration of New Zealand and had many tips to share!

We took a short walk that night, but otherwise stayed in and relaxed.  It was my first ever hostel experience and was quite pleasant...despite sharing facilities.  The price was right-which is a big consideration as it is very expensive to travel here.  Food is also expensive and gas is double the price that we pay at home..so we must economize where we can!

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