Thursday, 5 February 2015


Our first day in Christchurch has been filled with "tramping", the New Zealand expression for light hiking.  Our apartment is located on a hillside overlooking Christchurch and close to Victoria Park, so called as it was dedicated to Queen Victoria on her Diamond Jubilee.  It is on the Port Hills and these are covered with trails which are well marked and of various skill levels.  We climbed one to the "Sign of the Kiwi" to take in the view and then turned and hiked back.  This was about 6km tramp and we throughly enjoyed it.  The views were spectacular of both Christchurch and of the Port on the other side of the mountain...Lyttleton.  It was spectacular.  The remainder of the day was spent in the shopping district, looking for camping gear to round out the gear we brought.  The prices are higher than we expected, but there are many sales and we are taking advantage of them where we can. 

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