Saturday, 28 February 2015


We found a wonderful spot for our accommodations in Hokitika...the old psychiatric hospital, which is now used as a hostel.  They accept tents and so we pitched ours on the lawn on a cliff overlooking the beach and the Tasman Sea.  Just below this site is "The Glow Worm Dell" and we visited it at 9:30 at night.  It was aglow with the light of glow worms and was magical. These larvae are housed in the overhanging foliage and cast a bluish glow which makes them look like stars in the darkness.  It was a bit spooky as one could well imagine that they were eyes peeping through the ferns and mosses in the darkness of the forest.

We awoke to a bright and sunny morning...but the weather closed in and before we knew it rain arrived.  We decided to stay and have a down day.  We also had an Mom and Dad had spent some time here many years ago and had met a painter named Brent Trolle who they asked that we track we were off with a mission in the rain. 

We asked at the first painter we came across and he immediately directed us to the gallery of Mr and Mrs Trolle.  It was a short distance away in their home.  We rang the bell and introduced ourselves and had a wonderful chat over a cup of tea.  We passed on greetings from my parents who were very grateful for the hospitality the Trolle's had shown so many years ago.

The rain had not stopped, so we found the old and very lovely cinema in this small town and went to see "The Second Most Exotic Marigold Hotel".  Then it was back to the tent to see if it is indeed waterproof as the rain worsened as the sun set.

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