Friday, 6 February 2015

Taylor's Mistake?

We decided to take another hike today and headed for the coast.  Our host recommended that we make our way to Sumner Beach and to follow the road into the next bay, known as Taylor's Mistake.  It was a beautiful black sand beach with rolling hills covered in golden grass moving in waves with the wind, very beautiful indeed...making me wonder what mistake Taylor could have made?

We followed a well marked path which followed the coast.  It was strenuous as there were many hills to climb, but the views were breathtaking.  The wind was very strong though, with white caps on the ocean.  We were challenged to find a secluded spot for our picnic, but we did finally in the lee of an old gun battery dating back to the second world war.  We saw holiday homes, which are called baches, and which are small cottages by the seaside.  These were originally built in caves from all manner of  available materials, but are now small buildings.

All in all we hiked 6km and then made our way onto the beach to fly one of the kites.

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