Monday, 16 February 2015

Oamaru continued

After saying goodbye on Sunday, we made our way back to Oamaru to visit the farmers market.  We indulged in many fruits, fresh from the orchards (peaches, plums, etc) and we wandered through many boutiques and small artisan's booths.  Oamaru is  New Zealand's "steam punk" headquarters and so there is heavy emphasis on Victorian style wares, including costumes and jewelry.  (If you don't know what steam punk is, well, never is hard to explain).  Of particular interest was a bookstore we found, specializing in books relating to adventure and exploration.  In the store was a reproduction of Shackleton's boat, which was used in the filming of a movie about this explorer who made a famous attempt to get to the south pole. 

After a fascinating day, we left enroute to Dunedin where we had reservations at a backpackers hostel...another new experience for me.

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