Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A wonderful final day in Rarotonga

Feb 1, our last day in Rarotonga was wonderful.  The weather finally cooperated and we had scorching heat and bright sunshine.  I took a trek on the beach where I saw magnificent rolling surf in the still substantial winds.  It was Superbowl Sunday and our wonderful hosts Henry and Trish made their TV available so Paul and I could watch.  We also explained the game (I kept saying in "girl style" as I really don't understand the fine details).  It was a great game and a wonderful time.  Henry and Trish then extended an invitation to supper and that was really the highlight of the trip in many ways.  Henry taught us how to husk a coconut (well Paul learned this, not I) and then with the help of a tool he had owned since his childhood, we scraped the meat from the coconut shell.  This meat was used to make coconut milk as we sat and watched, and this was added to a cerviche type fish dish.  It was truly lovely and so appreciated.  We returned to our little bungalow, packed up our belongings (no small feat as we had spread out our stuff over the seven days) cleaned and tidied the bungalow and got ready for an early departure the next day.

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