Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rainy Days

Although the temperature has been very warm, we have been experiencing many rainy days.  The rain comes suddenly and with great force...truly tropical.  In between rain storms we have been making the most of the few activities which are on offer in this, the off season.  We have snorkeled and swum, kyacked and biked, explored on motorcycle, gone to a local outdoor market to eat, and watched the wind surfers as they jump the waves and soar into the air.  Overall it has been quiet though, not that I am  complaining,  in fact our goal was to take time to recover from jet lag, which we have now done; while at the same time enjoying the warmth and the ocean.  Tomorrow, Sunday is our last day here and we will see if we can get out to enjoy the beach one last time before we leave for New Zealand.

Paul At Wigman Falls
Reminder of how far we
are from home

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