Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sandfly Bay

At dusk we drove across the windiest of roads to take a walk to sandfly bay.  On the way there we saw the most remarkable trees...reminiscent of Tolkien's Ents.

When we arrived at sandfly bay we were faced with a challenging walk.  It went oner sand dunes of fine, fine sand...like icing sugar.  It was steep and very high from top to bottom.  We went down quickly with the help of gravity and did not relish the return trip!  It was well worth it though as the rare and endanger d yellow eyed penguins were coming in to feed their chicks.  They were far away but we could see them in the hills.  We also came upon a group of sessions basking in the dying sun...all against the backdrop of a most beautiful view.  We walked the length of the beach and then made our way back.  As suspected he climb up the hill was difficult with the sand shifting under our feet as we struggled up the steep dune!  We were well and truly tired for bedtime that night!

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