Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kayaking on the Sound

The next day we joined the tour that we had booked first thing in the morning.  We and three other couples made our way to the harbour area where we were outfitted with all the necessary gear, including the most bizzare looking longjohns, designed to keep us warm, even when wet.  After a quick introduction to kayaking, we were launched and paddling in the sound.

The water was totally calm and the day sunny...again...very rare indeed.  We felt so fortunate to avoid rain for two days, in such a very rainy place! 

As we have experience in kayaks we were often in the lead of the group (imagine...we were the old folks and we were often being told to slow down!!!).  Our tour guide took us across the sound where we visited Bowan Falls.  We made our way up the coast line, with precipitous and moss and tree covered cliffs fallng into the sea under us.  The water was crystal clear and we were treated with sightings of two seals.

We stopped  on a rocky beach for our picnic lunch and then we were back on the water again...just in time for the winds to pick up...just as we had observed the day before.  The guide explained that this is caused by the warming of the cliffs, which cause an afternoon wind to come up.  The Sound is renowned for its high winds, and this is one cause.  As the wind approached, we could see the waves getting white caps, but our guide told us not to worry...as we would be sailing!  This was incredible...we put our four kayaks together, and tied a sail to two paddles, two of our team mates held the sheets (the ropes on the front edge of the sail) and we just flew down the sound!  It was incredible! 

After a very successful outing, we bid the Sound farewell and went on our way.

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