Monday, 16 March 2015

Picton...The Mail Run

We found a fantastic little campground just outside of Picton where we settled in for a longish stay.  We explored Picton a bit and discovered that due to the ferry crossings it is quite industrial .  We had booked a boat trip on the mail boat the next day...and so we took it easy and slept in the following morning.

We reported to the boat in the early afternoon  and we were off to see Queen Charlotte Sound.  There are holiday residences scattered throughout the sound and as there are no roads the residents rely on the mail boat for mail and grocery delivery.  We went along as passengers and so got to see several secluded areas.  It was very charming.  At most stops a dog would run down to meet the boat to receive the treat that the skipper had for each one.  Mail bags were exchanged and groceries delivered.  We made a stop at a memorial to Captain Cook...and I hate to say it, but it is monumentally ugly!   During our trip we saw dolphins, who played in the wake of the boat; rare and fast cormorants; as well as a schol of jelly large that it stained the water white!  It was a lovely sunny day but we learned that this was to be short lived as a cyclone was approaching and would hit in the next couole of days.

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