Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Abel Tasman Great Walk...at last

We awoke to a stellar day and decided to tackle a short part of the Abel Tasman Walk, overlooking the Tasman Sea and giving views of Bays and the coast.  It was beautiful, quie hot.  The trail is very well maintained and tavels through forest areas and along beaches.  It is very peaceful and picturesque.  It is also a long walk and very tiring.  As we had to do a round trip, we turned back at about 5 km and made it back to our camp in the early evening.  It was absolutely clear to us that we had made the right decision to abaondon our desire to walk the entire 60 odd km as we were exhausted by the time we got back.  10 kms sounds like a short distance, but with the hills and changing terrain it is quite demanding.  Also, tramping on the beaches proved to be a hard slog.  I, for one, could not imagine doing this with a full pack on my back!!!so I was very glad to be doing this short version of the walk.  I was also glad to be walking at this end of the walk as it is a little less popular than the areas further North.  Even with that it was quite busy with younger, need  say it?, more energetic walkers passing us in both directions!

The day before, and in the campsite next to ours, a group of 50 twelve year old girls moved in for a four day school trip.  We deaded the night...which was unwarrented as the girls settled in and were quiet (although I confess that they stayed up later than us...not hard to do as we seem to be falling into bed at around 9:30).  During the day they were running by us, sprinting up hills we were labouring to scale, scrambling across beaches we thought went on forever, and laughing and tittering the entire way! 

Once we were back, and had recovered a bit, we visited the beach, and explored the facilities.  We laughed when we saw the laundry! 

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