Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Good bye Tata Beach

We spent a lovely morning with our hosts at the B & B we had spent an idyllic three nights.  It was so great to be somewhere where we didn't have to construct our home (i.e. ptich the tent) and assemble our beds (i.e. blow up our mattresses) etc.  We really enjoyed the break and our hosts were wonderful...(thanks to Debby and Neville for a wonderful stay, and a great travelling plan...er...strategy!!!).

As we were leaving there was great excitment as a helcopter flew over and landed in the local parking  area.  This is a very small community of three or four streets, so the arrival of a helicopter was a notable occurance.  Debby and I went to investigate and we hung around to see a medical evacuation unfold.  Excitment all around.

We bid our farewells and we were off to Toratanoui Camp Site in Abel Tasman National Park, which would give us access to part of the Abel Tasman Great Walk.  We were determined to walk on part of the Great Walk even though we had been frustrated in our efforts to walk the entire length of it due to Paul and I both having aches and pains!.

We spent the first day on the Taratonoui Beach...a beautiful orange sand beach on the Tasman Sea.  A pair of Cormorants were nesting close to our location and we had the opportunity to see one up close as he was drying his wings .   We explored the beach and the estuary behind it as the tide was low. It made for interesting views of the shoreline which is under water at high tide.

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