Sunday, 8 March 2015


We learned from our host Debby that Tata Beach is known for the existance of a huge Cormorant colony located on Islands just off the beach.  The coromorants come to the beach every morning at sunrise to get rid of and to find new rocks which they hold in their gullet.   At some times there as many as 4,000 who come ashore at the same time and is rumoured to be quite a sight.  We decided to get up with the sun and go see this event! 

We got up before the sun and the air was finally calm and the rain had cleared.  The sky was beautiful with lovely stars and a bright full moon.  We found a spot to wait on the beach and waited for dawn.  As the sun started to rise the cormorants started to fly in to the beach.  There were not thousands, perhaps dozens but it was interesting to see.   We watched the sun come up and the hills to take on a pink hue...then we were off to start our day.

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