Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cyclone Pam

Our night was filled with excitement!  We got to bed in windy conditions...but no worse than we had already experienced in our travels.  By midnight though they were gale force and our hopes that shelter would be offered by Wellington Harbour were clearly not to come true.  At 1:00 am we heard a loud bang and the tent fell inwards.  We jumped to action and took down the tent...in the now falling rain.  We stuffed the tent into the car,  jammed our belongings into nooks and crannies and made our way to the dining room which was at least warm and dry.  We installed ourselves with our mattresses on the floor and tried to get some sleep.  The rain got worse and so did the wind, so sleep was elusive.

When the sun came up we gathered up our belongings and found a tent repair shop...where the damage was revealed!  One of our high tech aluminum poles had snapped and ripped through the fly.  Fortunately the repair shop was able to make repairs and to help with a temporary fix on the pole.  (The pole can't be fixed permanently until we get home as the size is different than those used in NZ).

How fortunate that we had a safe and dry place to shelter from the storm...and we were grateful for our rip-stop fabric tent fly as the damage was contained and could have been far worse!

We left Wellington enroute for Whanganui where we were hoping to make arrangements for a extended canoe trip on the river of the same name.

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