Friday, 6 March 2015

On our way to Golden Bay

Our night was a difficult one as the rain predictions finally came home to roost, with a vengance.  The wind started to howl in the night and the rain started to fall in torrents.  It was remarkably windy all night and when the sun came up the rain was still falling.  It was hard to get up and dodge the rain drops to get to the bathroom!!  We pulled together and got the tent down in record time.  The tent was stuffed into the car, soaking wet as were we too.  We decided that we would take advantage of an available B and B and escape the forecast continuing bad weather.  No sooner had we left Motueka but the sun came out and the temperature started to soar.  En route to the B and B we visited the Riwaka River source, which comes from the surrounding mountain into a crystal clear pool in a mossy grotto.  We also visitied caves which were filled with millions of stalagtites!  When we left the caves we were told that we were on the location of the filiming of a notable scene from the Hobbit. 

We made it to our desitnation, Tata Beach on Golden Bay and very close to the northern section of the Abel Tasman National Park.

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