Sunday, 29 March 2015


We left Raglan early as our night had been interrupted by a group of patiers who we expected would continue their party the following night (not surprising for a weekend...but a tent does not block much noise) we packed up and drove toward the interior and one of my planned stops...the movie set used in LOTR and The Hobbit.  This set is located in Matamata and is a recreation of The Shire as written by J.R.R. Tolkien.  It is located on farmland in rolling hills with a backdrop of a mountain range. 

Our first night in the holiday camp was a wet one with lots of rain falling.  We decided to do some laundry and to hole up until the rain stopped.  We had some excitment when someone took our laundry by accident thinking it was theirs....Paul went hunting for it and tracked it down!  The next morning the rain was coming down in buckets and our spirits and our reakfast were totally drenched.  We went to a local cafe for a pick me up and a sign on the wall reminded us that we needed to focus differently.  This turned our day around!  We went to the information site for ideas for a rainy day and were surprised to find that it had been constructed in a hobbit-like way!  So wonderful!

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