Friday, 10 February 2017


At every stop we have had throughout our trip, we have not wanted to leave when the time came.  This was so true again as we packed up for a five hour drive to Stellenbosch.  We really wished that we could have stayed and explored further, but it was not to be.
We started out early as we knew our day would be long and hot in the car.  We also knew that we were headed to an area fairly close to Capetown and so, much more crowded.  We were anticipating things like rush hour traffic, and so we left in time to avoid any potential traffic.
The scenery leaving the valley was spectacular.  We travelled through mountain passes and one huge,  long tunnel which went clear through one of the mountains...we think it is the longest we have ever been in! 

We came across one very curious spot...Ronnie's Sex Shop...which is shown on the map as a tourist attraction.  We were intrigued to say the least.  When we arrived, it was a run down kind of place in the middle of nowhere!  Moreover, there was not even a pair of underwear to be seen...strange for a sex shop.  It turns out that this is actually the oldest pub in South Africa.  Originally Ronnie painted the words Ronnie's Shop on an out building as he intended to sell fresh produce...some friends added the word sex as a joke.  This then became a stopping spot and eventually a pub for travellers on the very dusty road!

Once we were out of the desert area we hit lush greenery again...fruit orchards and grapes.  Wineries soon started appearing and it was clear that we had hit wine country.  We were soon in Stellenbosch and we settled in to our guest house in the old city centre.

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