Friday, 24 February 2017


As the wind had been blowing for days, so strongly it actually made the apartment windows rattle, we made a decision to go into the mountains and take a hike.  we were convinced that vegetation would shield us from the wind, if any, in the shadow of the mountains and away from the coast.  We had  been advised to visit the wine region of Franshhoek and to visit the nature reserve there.  We jumped in the car early in the morning and made  our way the one hour to the Mount Rachelle Nature Reserve.

It was very sunny...And when we drove up the pass into the mountains, it was also very windy!  So much for our plans!

We chose the easy  walk which promised spectacular views, and from the pictures of the trail it promised to be right up our alley.

We were more than a bit wrong in our assessment.  Firstly, the wind was blowing strongly  enough to blow ones molars out of their jaw!   Secondly, spectacular  views come from heights...which come from climbing...both up and down.   Our easy walk turned into several hours....scrabbling over the rocks as the Newfoundlanders would say !

Although it was difficult for us, we did see some spectacular views with the valley laid out below  and the mountains soaring above.

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