Monday, 27 February 2017

Last a days in South South Africa

Our time in South Africa was coming to a close.  We were starting to wind  down and to focus  on the logistics of leaving.   This included packing our  cases with our purchases tucked away to ensure that zippers would still close, confirming flights and doing a bit of laundry.

We checked our to-do list and found that there remained one museum that we wanted to see so we jumped on the bus for the last time and made our way downtown.

We walked through the company gardens and enjoyed the cool shade offered by the trees.  As it was Sunday the church bells were peeling and the sun was shinning.

We made our way to the South African museum.  Among many other exhibits, this museum houses excellent examples of rock art and cave paintings.

We took our last bus ride back to the apartment and I noticed walls in the bus station, normally obscured by passengers, which showed the downtown buildings of the city.

When we returned to the apartment we were able to catch the ending of a beautiful eclipsing sun as it was setting.

The following day we visited with Marcelle Arnold, Paul's sister-in-law.  She is from South Africa and explained that she is a Cape Coloured person.  She was able to recount many of her experiences growing up in Cape Town under the Apartheid regime.  awe spent a lively time with her walking on the beach with the beautiful table mountain as a backdrop.  She taught us that lekker  means good/excellent and explained that she was having a lekker day remembering her late husband, Paul's brother.

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