Sunday, 26 February 2017


Tucked along the slopes of one of the many faces of a Table Mountain is a large botanical garden named Kirstenbosch.   It is a lovely spot where one can go and relax in this tranquil spot in an otherwise bustling city.  It is really lovely!  As soon as we entered we were struck with a magnificent view of the "other" side of the mountain to the face we usually see from our apartment.  

The gardens are laid out right against its slopes so we were surprised to see the unimpeded view of the slopes above.  (For those hearty souls who climb the mountain to its top, this is one of many starting points).  A walkway has been built through the canopy of  mature trees and  it gives beautiful views of part of the city.

The gardens are filled with examples of indigenous plants,  with the inevitable fynbos playing a large role.

There is one area which is lined with Canfour Trees...very beautiful and mercifully shady on an otherwise hot day.
We stayed until the park was closing and thus avoided traffic.

As this had been a light activity day we opted to go to a movie...and chose The Wall, a fictional account taking place on The Great Wall of China which we had visited during our China adventure the previous October.  It felt like we had gone full circle...

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