Sunday, 5 February 2017

Next Stop Knynsa

After Paul had a quick dip in the ocean we were off again to our next destination, Knysna about 40 minutes away.  It is also a beach town, but is situated on a lagoon fed through a straight letting sea water in.  We found that our accomodations were on an island in the lagoon, another boutique hotel right in the beach.  It was very lovely with big spacious areas where we could relax and read. 

We no sooner arrived but Paul was off to find a fishing guide to try and catch some bass.  He was not successful, but had fun trying. 

As the sea water floods in and out with the tide, swimming is possible while at other times one can walk right across the lagoon.
We spent the day enjoying the water front and the beautiful scenery.  Paul got out for the first time to fly his kite as the wind was quite strong.  

We took one detour to The Heads to look out at the ocean.

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