Sunday, 26 February 2017

Signal Hill

With our time fast coming to a close we have but a few activities left on our to-do list.  One was to visit some shops in the downtown core.  We took advantage of the bus and when we returned to our apartment there was  a bush fire  raging not far away.  We watched with interest  from our vantage point on the ninth floor as the fire was extinguished.  

Another of our outstanding to-dos  was to visit Signal Hill and to see the sunset over the city and the ocean.  Unfortunately,  we decided to go on one of the busiest nights...a Saturday.  We had not anticipated the popularity of this spot, especially with the younger generation who were interested in  isolation with their dates and in partying.  Also, other tourists had similar ideas, with two hop-on/hop-off buses also  visiting.  The road up is narrow, parked cars along the roadside made it a one lane narrow road, and bus traffic,  taxis, cars and people on foot were all trying to go both up and down the single road to the top!  It was harrowing, and Paul negotiated the way in with great expertise while I cringed in the passenger seat!

We watched the sunset and saw the city lights come to life at our feet, and at the foot of the mountain.  It was a beautiful sight.

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