Friday, 8 May 2015

A Rainbow of Beaches...Turtles and Manta Rays cont'd

Our next stop was the Black Sand Beach, Punalu'u.  This was exactly as advertised, a beach made entirely of black sand.  It is also well known because the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle and there were three on the beach sunning themselves.  It was very hot, the black sand making it more so.

In the evening we topped off the day with a visit to The Sheraton which is just down the road from our apartment.   There is an observation deck looking into the bay where a strong light is directed onto the water at night fall.  This light attracts planckon which is eaten in turn by huge Manta Rays.  We stood at the railing of the observation deck and watched while four of these huge animals came in close to the shore with their large mouths open to scoop up the plankton.  

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