Friday, 8 May 2015

A rainbow of beaches...turtles and manta rays

We spent the day after our return from the volcano taking care of our camping equipment and running a few errands in the local town.  It was a quiet day and we ended it with a trip to the local white sand beach to watch the sunset.  The waves were pounding in to the beach and the surfers and boogie board riders were out in force.   Paul decided to go into the water and he got well and truly tossed by waves which were higher than his head! 

The next day, our last full one in Hawaii before starting our long trip home, we decided to visit some beaches that we had not yet seen.  We started with the Green beach.  This  beach is very unusual and quite hard to get to. We drove to the southern tip of the island where we arranged for a four wheel drive to take us in to the beach.  We could have hiked, but it was a full 3 miles and it was also scorching hot!!!  The car ride in was hair raising as we were beating it over badly rutted trails which would have taken the bottom out of our rental had we tried.  At the end of the trip we climbed down a steep cliff face into a cove where the sand is, quite literally green.  This is because the sand is high in Olivine, the green rock which is used as peridot in jewllery.  

The waves were significant  and Paul decided to try these on for size as well.  He was not in for long.  The wind was whipping the sand into the air and by the time we left (30 minutes) we were gritty all over.  We then piled back into the car we came in orginally and made it back to our car.  

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