Friday, 1 May 2015


We had heard about a wonderful snorkelling beach about 45 minutes north and we decided to go.  Parking, we were told, was at a premiuim, so we were off early.  We arrived and found parking at the Mauna Kae hotel which is on Hapuna Beach.  It was a marvelous beach with beautiful white sand and trees along its edge for shade.   The snorkelling was  just okay as it was very windy, making it difficult with breaking waves.  We did see some lovely tropical fish...although not for long.    We spent a lot of time bobbing in the waves close to the beach and enjoying the first fully sunny day we had had since arriving.   We stayed until the sun was high and left the beach before we got too burnt.

We decided to continue north and to explore the Kohala region of the island.  We saw a historic site where an aboriginal fishing village ruin was in evidece.  Not far down the road we came to a wonderful diner where we had lunch.  The food was great and decorations were fantastic...very typically Hawaiian.

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