Friday, 1 May 2015

Pololu Valley and King Kamehameha

We made our way further north and the landscape changed dramatically.  From desert conditions with black lava everywhere the landscape turned lush and green.  We came upon a famous statue of King Kamehameha, a renowned king of the past who united the Hawaiian Islands.  This statue was made in the 1800's....then lost at sea enroute to Hawaii.   While a relacement was being made in Europe, a passer-by found it in The Falklands where it had been recovered from the sea and put outside a store like a cigar indian.  It was purchased and returned to its intended home, near the king's birthplace.  It is lovingly maintained by the residents of Hawi, the northernmost city on the Island.

Not far away we came to the end of the state highway where a lookout gave views of the beautiful, verdant Pololu Valley and coast line.

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