Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset

October 9

Another trip begins for Paul and I...this time off to China.  We started the with a stop in Toronto where we visited our children and their families.  We had fun babysitting our grandkids and Paul also took on some jobs at Jan and Jay's salon. 
We got ourselves to the airport on the ttc, which was much facilitated by the fact that we were carrying just one backpack each.

Having no checked baggage got us into the departure lounge in quick order, where we discovered that our flight was delayed by nearly two hours.  We finally boarded the plane and we're pleased to discover that we were two in a three seat we had plenty of room for our 12 hour flight. 

Our route took us north, over the Arctic Ocean...and we watched the sunset as we flew over Hudson's Bay, then rise again as we flew over Russia and then set again as we were landing in Beijing.  Quite a different type of flight!  The outside temperature was colder than -60 c at one point!

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