Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Northern New Brunswick

(August 19) We were greeted in the morning by a light drizzle and an overcast sky so we decided to carry on.  We continued on our way alongside the Mirimishi River to the bridge into New Brunswick at Campleton.  As we crossed the river we bid the Gaspé adieu and ended a trip we had both long wanted to take…a tour of the Peninsula. 

We found that the New Brunswick coast is very different from our Gaspé experience.  This was surprising as it was just on the opposite side of the same water body we had thoroughly explored the day before. This was in part because the road travels further inland so we saw more forested areas and less picturesque maritime views.  We travelled along the Acadian trail and made our way past huge peat moss areas and soon realized that we were in a very “swampy” part of the country. 
 We arrived at our destination Kouchoubuguac National Park and explored the area.  It is a lovely park with beautiful beaches and again many swampy areas.  We should not have been surprised then to find, many, many, mosquitos! 

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the scenery and were excited to see Herons fishing in the salty backwaters behind the beach. 

We had made reservations at a spot with cottages to rent, so we arrived to find a lovely spot, with a comfortable and spacious house and we decided to stay put for the evening as the mosquitos were threatening to carry us away!  (A quick dip in the outdoor pool, during which we could see the sunset, and we were convinced).
 After extensive domestic negotiations, we decided that we had best move on.  The mosquitos being the size of bombers and the threatening rain making a return visit to the beach unpalatable.  This has thrown our admittedly very loose plans into a frenzy...so not sure what is in store for the next few days.

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