Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Great Day in PEI

What a wonderful time we have been having here in PEI...even when it is overcast and rainy we still enjoy ourselves. 

Today we spent our time relaxing (we are becoming experts at that) and taking a small exploratory trip to the east end of the island where a lighthouse and further views awaited us.

On our way back we stopped at Basin Head, a lovely beach with an incredible tidal current rushing out through a gut toward the ocean.  Kids jump from a bridge over the gut and float out...sometimes a bit too far, thus a lifeguard is on duty.  The sandy beach is phenomenal stretching out seemingly forever!

We rounded our day off with an attempt at boating in a most tippy kayak!  The results of Paul's attempt convinced me to simply watch from the shore!

We finished our day under beautiful sunny skies and gorgeous views....

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