Sunday, 18 August 2013

Trip to Forillon

(August 17)  Our plans to visit the Provincial park in the centre of the Peninsula were scuttled when we found that the high peaks were completely hidden behind large and low lying clouds.  We made our way instead toward the Forillon National Park, at the extreme Eastern end of the Gaspé.  It was a longer trip than we had expected but we pressed on with a couple of stops on the way.

The route winds its way beside the sea shore affording incredible maritime views.  In some cases the sea laps up right alongside the road itself!

We stopped at a picturesque lookout and explored the area a bit...

Along our route we found a really lovely kite shop.  It is hard to find kite shops which specialize in the type of kites we like (stunt kites) and so this was an unexpected find!  Paul also had an excellent Lobster roll from a most unlikely little take out and we sat and watched the Heron`s in the water as we had our picnic.

As we got ever closer to the National Park, we stopped one last time at Flame Point the location of Marconi`s first radio station and a well known lighthouse.  We took the tour and learned about Marconi and the history of the light station and the radio station.  We were amazed to see many Gannets diving from great heights into the ocean like little missiles and we spent many minutes watching them from the height of the light house.  We were lucky to have great weather and could see for many miles.

The light itself was made of beautiful and very heavy glass with many facets.  It is no longer in operation but was stunning nevertheless.

 After another long day in the car we finally made it to our destination Forillon Park.  We made the surprising decision to camp there for the night and so we took our borrowed tent and blow up bed and made camp for the night.

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