Thursday, 15 August 2013

A New Adventure - to the East

We have been home now for over six months and it seems like South America is both far in the past and also just in the recent past.  We had experiences there which we refer to often and think about regularly...and in some ways we feel that our experiences were not so long ago.  However, the last six months have been full of the adventures of every day life, and when we remember all of these, we realize that our South American experiences were indeed six months ago!  Time goes by quickly!

In any case, after a spring season reconnecting with our friends and family and a summer full of cottage experiences and renovations we decided to take on a new and very different type of adventure.  The first step for us was to return Lucy (the dog who had been living with us for three years while her owners were on assignment overseas) back to her owners.  Although we had become quite attached to Lucy, we were happy knowing that she would be back with her family.  In planning for her departure from us, we took her to the cottage and captured her last weekend with us enjoying her as she joined us in the water chasing her ball.

We decided that, as we were no longer obliged to take care of pets, we would start another adventure...but this one to be very different.  In contrast to South America, we decided to forego the extensive planning and to jump in the car and drive east, with no specific itinerary, and -gasp- no reservations!  Our goal in general...visit Gaspé; visit a friend in PEI; see a bit of Northern New Brunswick.

We left Ottawa without incident...and made our way to Montreal, where construction forced an unexpected detour which was handled without a problem.  Then we headed toward Quebec City.  We had intended to stop at Riviere-du-Loup, but a torrential downpour forced us off the road in Montmagny, Quebec.  We had no trouble getting a room in a local hotel and marked ourselves fortunate to have the flexibility to stop where we need to rather than where we have to.  What a lovely diversion this turned out to be - in a picturesque little town.  After a lovely meal we made our way down to the St. Lawrence River`s edge and were treated to an idyllic view of waterfalls and a wonderful sunset. 

Tomorrow we expect to be on the Gaspé Peninsula enjoying the new sights presented to us along our, as yet undetermined route.

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  1. Looks like fun already! Awesome shot of Lucy jumping in the water :) Someone's a skilled photographer. Enjoy Gaspé!