Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Arrival in PEI

We made our decision early in the morning and decided to press on to PEI as we had not had a lot of luck finding activities in New Brunswick due to weather and other considerations.  Thus began a long day of driving.  We did not stop until we reached PEI itself taking the bridge to get onto the island.   This was a remarkable sight...going an unbelievable distance between the mainland and PEI!

 We made our way directly to lunch at a wharf-side restaurant where Paul had a clam chowder he raved about.  The area was very scenic and we spent some time watching the fishing boats come in and settle into their berths.

We meandered our way along the tourist way, making stops at interesting boutiques which are scattered along the way.  One spot we stopped was the Great Canadian Soap Company where we bought some environmentally friendly soup made from goats milk.  The goats greeted us on the way in...

Along our way we also saw some interesting birds, including one hawk which hovered directly in front of us and thoughtfully posed for a picture...

After eight hours of driving...our longest day in the car yet...we arrived at Wayne's wonderful cottage.  He gave us admittance although we were a full day early!  This, being most appreciated, gave us both a destination and a safe harbour to shoot for.  In all honesty, we are a bit tired of the driving and a rest will be most appreciated. 

We arrived at dusk and were greeted by our host and a beautiful view of red headlands and a tree in the front yard which could inspire the group of seven to something marvelous!!


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