Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chilean Fjords-day two

Although the night was rough and windy on the open ocean the second full day in the Fjords was spectacular.  The weather cooperated once again and as the ship was on schedule were told that we would have time for two side to the face of a glacier and one to a small fishing village for a short visit. 
We were very excited at the prospect of seeing the glacier and we were not disappointed!!!  The ship entered a narrow passage,turned a few corners and there it was...200 metres of ice rising straight up before us!!!  It was spectacular.   We stayed there for a good hour watching great chunks of ice calling from the glacier face and marvelling at its sheer size.  (One of the guides told me that it extends 7 km into the mountains...the enormity is mind boggling).  When the ship sent a small boat over to pick up some ice, giving something to compare was even more astounding.

Next we stopped at Puerto Eden, a small fishing village with just 45 inhabitants...the rest having moved away to find work after the red tide affected the fishery.  Paul took advantage of this opportunity while I stayed aboard and avoided the walking ashore.

After this excitement we continued on our way South and again watched as the ship made its way through ridiculously narrow passages.

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