Sunday, 10 March 2013

Martial Glacier

Having only two days left in Ushuaia, we decided to explore one last vista point in the Mountain above the city itself.  This is capped with a glacier and several hikes, some of which go to the glacier itself.  We were not up to anything quite so strenuous, so we decided to follow a less difficult path which overlooked the city and the channel it sits on.

The day was overcast and we took a cab to the departure point which is a ski lift which takes one part way up the mountain side.  As the morning was a bit chilly, we decided to start our adventure with a visit to the Cabana de te, where we had a lovely cup of tea, steeped in the traditional method.  This was a special treat.

Paul and Katie in the Cabana de Te 

Then it was off to the ski lift which passed through a large forest and ended just below the tree line.  We could see the glacier on the mountain above us.  It was less impressive than the glacier we had seen in the Fjords the week previously, but was interesting nonetheless.

Martial Glacier

We walked from this point along a challenging path which was covered in scree rock to a point which gave us a beautiful view of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.

Paul on the path above the tree line.

The mountain side was covered with scree

The path was lined with rocks covered with lichens and other interesting plants which were surviving despite being above the tree line.

Interesting Lichens were growing on and around the rocks.

We stayed and enjoyed the view until we got cold.  This was the first day of our stay that the sun didn't make an appearance.

Paul with the Beagle Channel in the distance

The city of Ushuaia and the Channel  
Katie and Paul with the Glacier in the rear.

We made our way back down the path which led past the forest and past a stream tumbling down the hill.

Katie and Sue on the path through the forest

That night the first rain of the week started to fall and the next day was very rainy.  We stayed in and relaxed...a day we both needed.  Then it was time to leave, the week having gone by quickly.  We were treated with a very lovely view of the mountains with the mist rising from the peaks.

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