Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Transit of Chilean Fiords-day one

Day one of our transit of the fiords was blessed with fine weather.  Morning low-lying clouds burned off early to give us unimpeded views of green mountains rising up on either side of the ship.  Some of the passages are quite narrow and exciting.  We were able to go on the bridge to witness the ship operations close up and we spent most of the day on the bridge wing looking for birds we had been told about in a lecture earlier in the morning.  I was particularly thrilled to see albatross flying all around us.  I spent two hours trying to capture them in pictures to no avail as they blended in too well with the waves. 

The ship's course took us for an evening and night into the ocean and as the day wore on we got ever closer to the open Pacific and the winds got stronger as we left the protection of the fiords.  By late afternoon we were in a gale and the ship was tossing around.  There were fewer passengers at supper that evening!!!

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