Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Ushuaia is basically a busy port which serves as a launching point for trips to Antarctica.  That said, it is also very beautiful and is situated on the famous Beagle Chanel (a waterway which allows ships to bypass the very dangerous Horn of South America).  We were struck by the lovely views of glacier topped mountains with the blue ocean before them.  We spent our first day exploring the town itself and looking into activites that were suggested for the area.  It was a relaxing day.

Our second day started out a bit rainy.  Paul and I took the city bus for a loop of the city and then we met up with Katie and Manuel at the local maritime and prison museum.  We explored this thoroughly and learned a lot about the foundation of the city...originally as a prison and then a penal colony.  We also learned about the local wildlife, including penguins.
Paul and I had a slow and relaxed third day, only walking on the seafront and observing the birds there.  Katie and Manuel went on an excursion to see excursion we took the following day.  On day four, before we went to see the penguins, Katie and I went to a local museum which focused on the history of the aboriginal peoples of Ushuaia.

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