Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Breathtaking views

We decided to take a tour of the Bariloche area and so we rented a car and off we went.  (The traffic here is far less and the traffic circulation much calmer than in the big cities we have visited so far).  With Paul at the wheel we took what is known as the Chico Circuit, which was a tour around the lakes which are between the mountains.  Along the way we came to a lookout which is accessed by a chair lift.  The panoramas were incredible.

We had a special treat of seeing hawks soaring about and landing quite close to us.

And a kitten fell in love with Paul and his yogurt...

After a quick coffee overlooking the scenery below...we were off again. We made a stop at the Llao llao hotel, which is a lot like Montebello, an old log hotel...very posh. The scenery here was also beautiful.

After this we made our way to a short trek through the forest to another vantage point overlooking one of the many huge lakes.  The walk was interesting as the forest is clearly very old with very tall trees and a bamboo-like plant overarching the walkways.

It was a jam-packed day and we returned to our hotel quite tired and made supper and relaxed for the evening.

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