Friday, 15 February 2013

Igauzu...side two

After a wonderful night in our tranquil jungle get away we were off again to the falls, this time on the Argentinian side.  The difference was immediately noticeable.  Argentina has installed a train to get people from one place to another within the park itself.  It was also very crowded, many more visitors.  It was very good for us to get into the park early, and even then there were crowds trying to get onto the train to access the park. We found that we had to take two trains to get us to the most famous and picturesque viewing point...overlooking the Devil´s throat, part of which we had seen from the Brazilian side the day before.  It was a long and tedious process to get there, involving long line ups and waiting times. 

Finally though our train arrived at the appointed station, and we were off...on a walk on suspended walkways which took us 650 metres through jungle and over river off shoots on our way to the falls.

When we arrived, and despite the growing crowds, the view was spectacular.  The water rushes over two levels and roars to the river below in a fog of spray. It was truly magnificent!!

This was only one of many water falls in the area, but was the most spectacular sight...and even though we were being soaked through with spray, we stayed for some time just enjoying the sight.

Part of the walkway led over the edge of adjoining falls...which was also a thrill to look at...

We choose then to take a walk on the upper walkway, which followed the top edge of the gorge we had viewed from the other side of the river two days previously.  This was also spectacular...
This entire adventure took us most of the day...but with an hour or so remaining, we decided to also explore part of the lower walkway.  This was a challenge for me and my sore foot...but we pressed on...and it was marvellous.  The walkway took us to the foot of falls so we could view them close up.  The only drawback was the number of people who were struck with the same idea as we had had, so the areas of good viewing were very crowded.  Also, the walkways were shady, but very, very hot despite this.

At the appointed time we made our way back to the entrance, using the train.  All was going well until I stubbed my bad foot and was almost immediately crippled.  Paul arranged for a ride back to the front gate and we made our way back to the lodge where I applied ice liberally and hoped for the best!!!

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