Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bariloche...the Lake District

After Montevideo being a bit of a bust experience, we were not sure whether we would enjoy the next leg of our experience.  We were off to Bariloche, in what is called the lake district.  We spent one night in Buenos Aries en route and then arrived in Bariloche in the early afternoon.  It was a bit dismal as we were met with rain and learned that we were staying well out of town... a good 30 km taxi ride away from the airport. 
Our hotel though is nice...if a not old.  We had reserved a suite (with a kitchenette) and were expecting to meet Katie and Manuel there (daughter and partner) and to spend a week with them exploring the area.  They also arrived later without a problem and so our Bariloche adventure began in the rain...
The following morning we awoke to beautiful sunny skies...and to out surprise...snow on the mountains surrounding us.   The snow had fallen in the night...and gave a fresh atmosphere to the place.   We began with an early-ish walk with a guide provided by the hotel.  It proved to be wonderful.  We are staying in a Ski area...there is no skiing right now of course as it is summer...and we are in the bowl of some mountains.  The walk was through the ski village and then into the forest.  We had a short, but strenuous climb and were rewarded with a beautiful view of a lake and the surrounding countryside.  It was marvelous.  

 By the end though my foot refused to continue cooperating ( it has gotten steadily worse since the injury in Iguazu)... so it was back to the room to relax for a while.   Then we visited the city of Bariloche where we visited chocolate of which had a skating rink in it (complete with wall decorations from Canadian hockey).  We got some groceries and then made our way to a nice restaurant for supper.

This restaurant served parrilla...and when we entered we were struck by the sight of a large open fire with meat roasting in the fireplace!!!  The food was wonderful...we ate beef...and thanks to Katie and Manuel's linguistic abilities we were able to understand what we were ordering!!!

It is really wonderful having Kate and Manuel with us for a few days!!!!  They are sharing the explorations and adventures with us...and us with them!!!

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