Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekend Wanderings

We spent the weekend wandering around Miraflores.  It has been an experience indeed.  We have walked for miles and soaked up the ambiance of this part of this massive city.  With nine million people, it is no surprise that all parts of the city are busy with activity. 
We walked to ruins which are close by.  These predate the Inca's and are right in the middle of Miraflores.
Having arrived at high noon, with the sun beating straight down on our white gringo heads, we took a quick look and then moved on to walk on the Malacon.  This is a walkway along the top of the cliffs which fall down to the sea at the edge of the city.  We enjoyed a tranquil afternoon sipping coffee and people watching.  We also visited the Inca Market which had many wares on offer (including winter clothing which we found hard to imagine in 30 degree weather!!!)  Some spectacular art work was available, but we resisted as we have limited luggage space to take things back and a long way to go yet.
To top Saturday off, I tried a pisco sour...a local alcoholic drink.  It packs quite a punch so I ended up fast asleep for the evening and night.
The following day, being Sunday, the Malacon was full of families strolling through parks past beautiful flowers. 
 We took the long walk from the cliff tops down to the sea where we relaxed in a café by the water.  We then went to the beach to watch the surfers.  As the sun began to set we made our way back up to the top of the cliff where we watched the sun set while the paragliders threw themselves from the cliff tops and soared past us.

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